Assessment outline


­­Assignment outline

You’re welcome to make use of any resources you find online. Part of being effective at Matlab is making good use of the resources available to you.

Getting help

There are several websites that you might find useful when doing the assessment. Two I recommend checking out include,

  1. Psychtoobox Demos

  2. Matlab File Exchange

Please note, however, that if you re-use any code you find online then this should be referenced in your Matlab code. The reference should include a link to the page where you found the code. See the snippet below as an example.


Your task is to implement a computerised experiment task using Matlab. There is flexibility in the task that you implement, so you can choose a task that aligns most closely with your research interests. My advice, however, is to keep the task fairly simple.

Some possible examples might include:

  1. A visual search task
  2. A numerical comparison task

Things to consider

You should think about how the data is stored and organized. The final output should be written to a data file that can be easily analysed even in a different programming language (e.g., R or Python).

A good program will also ensure that data files are named in an appropriate manner and will prevent data from being accidentally overwritten.

How it will be assessed

You will primarily be assessed on the quality of your code. First and foremost this means that your code should run. However, I will also be looking at whether you write your code in such as way so that you make use of reusable components that could, in theory, be reused for a different experiment. You should also keep in mind the three assumptions outlined in sessions one: 1) That you’ll understand nothing next time you look at your code; 2) That somebody else will be using your code; and 3) That your code will need to run on another computer at some point.

This means, for example, taking care that any files your code need to run are organized appropriately and are referred to appropriately in your code. It also means than any files your code produces are named appropriately, that any data files produced contain appropriate meta-data, and are structured in such a way so that it’s possible to analyze the resulting data. Your description of the experiment will be used to judge whether the code produces data that is appropriate for your chosen experiment.

What to submit

You’ll need to submit the following things:

  1. Your Psychtoolbox code for the task
  2. Data from the one participant

In addition to the code, you should also submit a brief description of the experiment, and a brief description of how the data would be analysed. I excpect this to be under 750 words.

All the files (code and text) should be compressed into a single zip file and the zip file should be submitted.

If you don’t submit a zip file then canvas will rename your files and your code won’t run. I will be running your code as part of the grading process so broken code will impact your grade.